“When we try to look into abyss, the abyss may be looking at you, too…"

Potatodaze (@potetodaze1129p) tweeted a photo with a mysterious caption to it.

This zoomed-in photo of a coin insert in a vending machine definitely caught many people’s attention.

Here’s why.

If you look at it closely, you can see a little frog in between the space of coin insert!

It must have been that Potatodaze tried to buy a drink at the vending machine, thought oddly that the coin didn’t fit in the machine, and looked inside to see what was blocking it

That was when he met the sharp gaze of the frog.

He thought the frog might try to block the coin again, though, unexpectedly it came out of it without another fight.

[Comments on the internet]

It’s crazy how it can maneuver in such a small space!

It must have been cozy in there. The poster did a nice job finding the frog in there!

I couldn’t tell what it was at first until I zoomed in on it! This definitely startled me!

One time, I saw a frog coming out of a vending machine in the middle of the summer. It surprised so much I ended up talking to the frog why he was hiding in there!

It could be that the frog might have been hiding trying to catch insects attracted by the lights of the vending machine, waiting even before dark!

By - Mugi.