Starting in 2008, a Japanese TV quiz show “Wafu Sohonke” (TV Tokyo) aired for a run of 12 years.

From July 2020, the popular mascot dog from the TV show, Mame-Suke has been on his own mini TV series.

Many have been enjoying behind-the-scene shots of many generations of Mame-Suke.

The show has been tweeting off-shot photos of Mame-Suke of past generations. The adorable, puppy-like face and his cute behaviors captured in the photos received many adoring feedbacks from the viewers.

Dozing off on a cushion during a take…

Mame-Suke the 14th fell asleep on a zabuton (Japanese sitting mat) during a take.

Kind-hearted staffs slowly transport the Mame-Suke and zabuton without waking him up.

If I fits, I sits…

Perhaps, it is because they are still a puppy they fall asleep so quickly.

Mame-Suke the 15th also fell asleep while perfectly fitting in a Japanese wooden bucket.

Delaying the filming until the pup wakes up.

There were times they simply waited and delayed the filming until Mame-Suke woke up.

These off-shot photos seemed to have brought smiles to many online!

Waiting for the take, his game-face is on.

There were also times when Mame-Suke stayed up to wait for his turn on the sets.

The game-face that Mame-suke the 24th has on is just of a pro!

Mame-Suke gets curious about many different things just like any other puppies!

It looks like he wanted to challenge a ball as big as himself, but ended up rolling over with the ball!

There were so many comments of these photos of Mame-Suke of different generations.

This is too adorable! Even his bandana has him on it!

He is just like a little stuffed animal! You can also see the care in the way the staffs treat him.

He makes the ball looks so big! I still have this episode recorded.

Mame-Suke has always delivered smiles to many viewers throughout the country.

Even after the show “Wafu Sohonka” finished airing, it seems as though he’s still on his duty to do the same!

By - Mugi.