Japan is the perfect blend between technology and tradition, and Art Aquarium is one of the many examples that succeeded in combining the two elements and also creating a unique form of art.

It all started in 2007, and since then, thousands of people are looking forward to the goldfishes’ display taking place in Nihonbashi.

The art aquarium artist Hidetomo Kimura succeeded in creating an amazing display and starting from August 2020 a permanent museum has opened in Nihonbashi.

The visitors can see moving projections and approximately 30,000 Kingyo(goldfishes) swimming in beautiful and complex glass vessels.

Kyoto Exhibition 2020

From 14th October to 7th December, the exhibition will move to the cultural and historical Kyoto.

The highlights of the Kyoto Exhibition will be the Lotusrium, based on the lotus flower, the Sakurarium, based on cherry blossoms, and Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu.


As mentioned above, the Lotusrium has the shape of one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers, the sacred lotus.

The main star, Kingyo fish, are gracefully swimming in the bloomed lotus-shaped glass vessel creating an extraordinary sight for their audience.



Sakurarium is based on one of Japan’s symbolic flowers, the cherry blossoms, or sakura.

I feel that the two symbolic elements of Japan, sakura, and Kingyo, joined together to create such a calming atmosphere full of “Wa”.

Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu

Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu is a tank where the goldfish swim freely among the beautifully projected Japanese paintings.

Furthermore, the exhibition takes place at Nijo Castle, which makes the whole experience even more incredible and hard to forget.

You can buy tickets on the Art Aquarium Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.