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My Top Five Recommended Sports Manga

I think that an explanation of what sports manga are about isn’t necessary, as the name is self-explanatory.

This particular genre focuses on competition and involves various sports.

The classical sports series are about baseball, soccer, basketball.


However, you will also discover that games are part of the sports category, as well.


Some games are mind sports, therefore board games, card games are also included in this genre.

With that in mind, here are some of the top five picks for you to check out:

My recommendations

Hikaru no Go

"Hikaru no Go" is a popular manga that received two important awards: Shogakukan Manga Award and Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

The story is about a board game called Go; a strategy game popular in many countries all around the world (but often practiced in Asia).


Our protagonist, Shindo Hikaru, finds a Go board in his grandfather’s storage room.

He then gets acquainted with Sai, a spirit that has dedicated all his life to the game and to obtain the “Kami no Te” (The god’s hand).

Kami no Te is a special move that can be achieved only by the chosen ones, those who have played a lot and worked hard towards this goal.

Thanks to Sai, Hikaru takes up Go and gradually becomes immersed in the board game.

(There is also an anime adaptation of the manga).


"Overdrive" is a manga about cycling.


Before reading it, I watched the anime and I got so into it that I decided to start the manga, as well.

Before the "Overdrive" series, I wasn’t too into cycling, but after watching/reading it, I got so obsessed with it that I started cycling myself (and now I am addicted).

The series is about friendship, it’s full of excitement, it is real, and at times, it will even make you cry.

I find "Overdrive" the best one out there among the cycling manga/anime series and it definitely deserves a place in the top sports manga.

Prince of Tennis

Echizen Ryoma is the main character of the series. He joins Seigaku (Seishun Gakuen)'s tennis team, one of the best teams in the country.

Ryoma is just a first year, but his skills are as good as a pro. He is stubborn, cocky, but extremely cool.

The series also has an anime adaptation, several plays, and a live-action movie. It has been so popular that there is even a mobile game with the characters!



Our next pick is "Haikyuu!" The manga is about volleyball and our main character, Shoyo Hinata, is determined to become the next “Little Giant”.


It is fun watching Hinata and the rivalry going on between him and Tobio, that end up in the same volleyball team, at Karasuno.

They eventually become an irreplaceable asset to Karasuno's volleyball team and watching their play is always exciting.



"Whistle!" has as its main protagonist a Junior High School boy, Kazamatsuri Sho, who transfers to another school, Sakura Josui, in the hope he can join the soccer team as a regular.

The story follows Sho and his journey to the finals and against his former team, Musashinomori.


It is interesting to see his improvement. Seeing Sho and his teammates putting in so much effort makes you want to do your best, too.

The manga also has an anime adaptation, and both are very good, so I recommend checking it out.


Those are my hand-picked sports manga series, but I have a lot more to recommend! I feel that I get so much willpower when reading this particular genre of manga. It makes me want to do my best, like the characters always do, as I follow my dreams.


Regardless of the struggles, it helps me find the necessary strength to keep going.

This is one reason why sports manga will always have a special place in my heart, and especially the five I introduced above.

By - cinnamonellie.

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