Koban (kumagoma0731) is a manga artist whose work revolves around child-rearing and cats.

According to her Instagram bio, she began drawing manga to remember her cat Kuma, who passed away the same year her daughter was born.

Today’s episode centers around her other cat, Goma.

Koban says that although her beloved Goma is usually quite spoiled, she showed a rare streak of kindness during Koban’s pregnancy.

Reproduced with permission from Koban (kumagoma0731)

Reproduced with permission from Koban (kumagoma0731)

Reproduced with permission from Koban (kumagoma0731)

Although Goma must have loved sitting on her owner’s lap or belly, she was kind enough to restrain herself while Koban was pregnant.

She settled for her face instead it seems.

Here’s a picture of sweet lil’ Goma.

Reproduced with permission from Koban (kumagoma0731)

Goma’s cuteness can’t be denied. Just look at that fluffy mane and protruding whiskers.

User Comments

It seems that Goma isn’t the first cat to show her owner some consideration. Users shared their own stories after reading Koban’s manga.

  • My cat didn’t sit on my belly either!
  • Aren’t cats just so kind!
  • My cat is just as selfish. He likes sitting on my face too.

After Koban gave birth to her daughter, Goma went right back to laying down on her lap and belly just as before.

And of course she takes her duty as big sister seriously, watching over Koban’s daughter every day!

Feel free to check out Koban’s Instagram (kumagoma0731) for more great mangas like today’s episode!

By - Mujo.