Kaiten-zushi (回転寿司) is the Japanese term for conveyor belt restaurants

You can say that these kaiten-zushi restaurants are the Japanese version of fast food, and not only do they offer more affordable prices but are also healthier than your usual fast-food chains.

Going to a proper sushi restaurant in Japan can be quite expensive, and some prefer a more casual atmosphere without having to sit in front of the chef.

That, too, is a unique experience and a must-try at least once in life.


However, if you just want to quickly eat some sushi for lunch or dinner alone, with friends or family, the conveyor belt restaurants are a great option.

When you feel like sushi, the kaiten-zushi restaurants offer a wide variety and also side dishes besides the many delicious sushi pairings!

Here are some of my recommendations:

1. Hamazushi (はま寿司)

Hamazushi is my favorite one, and every season, they have some limited-time dishes or fish you can try out.


There is also so much variety and pairings you can choose from and a plate of two costs only 100 yen!


They also have a lot of side dishes such as Takoyaki, ramen (which is delicious and a perfect size for one person), cakes, coffee, etc.

Instead of getting a plate from the ones that are going round and round on the conveyor belt, I like ordering my favorite ones and wait for it to come as it’s fresher!

My to-go sushi options are the salmon plate, the onion avocado salmon, cheese salmon, and maguro (tuna).

I always order it every time I go.

However, when they have new additions, I always try those out first!

At the entrance, you’ll sometimes find Pepper-Kun, a robot that will guide you to your seat. You’ll need to choose between the counter and table and also pick the number of persons that came with you.

Usually, those who are alone will sit at the counter. After choosing, you’ll get a number with the table, so it is convenient (and Pepper Kun is adorable!).

The menu usually has an English option, so that is another plus!

2. Kurazushi (くら寿司)

Kurazushi is also a very affordable option with a lot of variety.

I love it that they have this game system, and if you ate five plates, a game starts; if you win, you get a free capsule toy!

Children love it, and I also find it super fun and am always excited to see if it’s a win or not.


Another cool point about Kurazushi is that you can opt for half price, and it has low carbs/no carbs options!

If you eat less, want to eat healthily, or are on a diet, Kurazushi is the best place to do so.

They also don’t use artificial flavors, sweeteners in the food, so that’s a big plus for me.

I like the sashimi wrapped in lettuce a lot, so I recommend giving it a try.

3. Kappazushi (かっぱ寿司)

Kappazushi is another popular kaiten-zushi chain that has two adorable kappa (river child, a yokai/demon in Japanese folklore) as mascots.


Recently, I’ve been ordering from Kappazushi a lot as they also have an Uber Eats service, which makes it so convenient!

I like the meat variety from Kappazushi, but all taste great, so you should try it out!

4. Sushiro (スシロー)

Sushiro is probably one of the most popular restaurants out there.


They also have Uber Eats available and a lot of varieties and seasonal dishes to choose from! I like the salmon sushi the best (and the many pairings they have with it).

Sushiro has many languages available, and the atmosphere is nice, too.

All the above have a variety of sauces (including many options of soy sauce, as well), wasabi, green tea, etc., available at your table.


If you don’t reach out for the plates and decide to order your favorites, you’ll get informed a few seconds before it arrives by the machine.

Before leaving, don’t forget to press the button for the bill (kaikei/会計 in Japanese).

The system is quite easy to understand, and despite the cheap prices, I assure you that the sushi and all dishes you find at the conveyor belt restaurants taste delicious!

Do you have a favorite kaiten-zushi restaurant?

By - cinnamonellie.