The cold season is here, and our feet and hands are the first to notice it. Besides the well-known Kairo heat packs, kotatsu, and warm drinks, here are a few items that can warm you up during this winter:

1. Elecom Eclear's USB foot warmer

Elecom's USB foot warmer comes with a dose of fluffiness and kawaiiness, and it is perfect for warming up your feet. The design is so adorable, and you can also choose between three colors: Olive Khaki, greige, and mov brown.

It has two sizes: M(23.0-23.5cm) and L(26.0-28.0 cm), also the temperature goes as high as 43°C.

As you can connect it via USB, it is very convenient, and you can use it not only at home but at the office, too. You can use a mobile battery so you can warm up your feet anywhere you are. You can remove the heater part, too, so the shoes can also be used as room shoes when indoors.

You can purchase it here.

2. Mia Cat USB Warm Gloves

For those using their PC for work, these cute Mia Cat gloves will be the perfect item for warming up your hands.

You can buy it for only 3,080 yen(tax included) on Loft’s Official Website.

3. KEYUCA's adorable room socks

Colorful and with a variety of patterns, the socks from Keyuka look more like knitted mittens than room socks. You can buy them from Rakuten for yourself or as a Christmas gift for the dear ones.

4. Mia Cat USB Cushion

Another product from Loft is the Mia Cat USB Cushion. You can use it to warm up your hands, tummy, and get past the cold season with this adorable kitten.

It has a pink color and the shape of a cat, so it is a very suitable item for those who love cute things.

You can purchase it here.

5. Ankle Ribbon Warmer

The Jumou Shop has come up with ribbon warmers that look so fashionable, cool, and also perfect to wear outdoors.

You can warm up not only your ankles but also your wrists. They are fluffy and go well in combination with jeans, leggings, and winter shoes.

You can buy them from their Official Website.

6. USB Warm Blanket

You can buy this blanket on and warm-up not only your hands and feet but also your back and other parts of your body. It is very convenient and has a cute design, too.

These are my top recommendations for the 2020's winter. These items can also make a lovely gift for Christmas or simply a perfect purchase for the cold season.

Editor's note: Please take necessary precautions when using multiple USB-powered items at the same time.

By - cinnamonellie.

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