Def Tech is a Japanese band that had its debut in 2005. The band initially started in 2000, and their popularity grew after releasing the song My Way.

They are also the first indie label artists that performed at NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen and hit over 1.5 million sales on their first album Def Tech in 2005.

They split once in 2007 but reunited in 2010.

The two members Shen and Micro, start collaborating in 2000, and besides singing, they are also the producers and are writing and arranging the songs themselves.

Their style is unique and is a mix of Hawaii and Japan, Def tech being well-known as a Jawaiian Reggae unit.

Shen grew in Hawaii but was born in China, and he speaks both Japanese and English. Micro, on another side, is a brilliant surfer. Therefore, their personalities and qualities make their live performances more unique and special.

In 2005, the band went on a tour that includes Nippon Budokan and released two DVDs (Budokan and Okinawa Live) of their live performances afterward.

After reuniting in 2010, they suddenly uploaded a new music video on their website, called A-1 and released a new album together, called UP in 2011.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary and the 15th anniversary since their debut, their live performance at the Ginowan Seaside Park Outdoor Theater in Okinawa, from 2006, will be broadcasted on TV.

You will be able to watch it on the 8th of January,2021, starting from 6:45 pm, on the WOWOW channel.

They recorded the live concert in Okinawa on the 29th of July, 2006, and it is such a rare opportunity to be watching it so, don’t miss this rare opportunity to watch their legendary live performance next year on TV.

For more information, check the WOWOW Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.