Japanese pole dancer Kana Sakuma (@sakana0kuma) is recently trending on Twitter. Throughout the winter season and earlier, she’s posted numerous pole dancing videos to help everyone have holly jolly time of year. That said, some of her dances are a little “out of the ordinary,” even for a pole dancer!

“Everyday cosplay pole dancing.’ I hope to see Santa this year.”

“A UFO catcher. How come they always drop your prize at the end?”

“I can’t go out. So I used things around around the house to perform. An office lady after lunch →a person who can’t wait for summer→a drunk office lady →a carp streamer →a person who is going back to sleep during spring break→a rookie carpenter.”

Twitter users reacted:

  • “Of course every character is nice, but I especially like the third character.”
  • “Next level pole dancing. The drunk office lady is the best.”
  • “I’ve never seen such a comical dance. That’s nice! Too interesting!”
  • “Wow, you can hold that posture.”
  • “It’s interesting. You use a lot of physical strength don’t you? I’m looking forward to see what else you come up with.”

Kana admitted that she graduated from art university, yet she somehow is doing these performances. Either way, she is having fun, and audiences are reacting. What's not to love?

Other unique dancers

Other SNS influencers are taking their queue, it would seem, from Kana Sakuma and gathering likes and reposts but striking a pose online. For instance, Japanese boxer Yokou Gushiken is lit up SNS feeds over the summer. The offending post featured the former professional athlete dancing to the Japanese girl group NiziU’s song. Needless to say, followers were amused by his unique interpretation of the idol group’s hit:

“Old man Gushiken can’t dance the same as NiziU, but he’s still cute. I also can’t dance like them though.”

Naturally, users were talking about the video across social media:

  • "TikTok recommended this video, and I laughed."
  • "He’s dancing to NiziU’s song… cute"
  • "Mr. Gushiken NiziU Yoko!”
  • “He danced to the Korean girl group TWICE and now its the Japanese girl group NiziU!! He’s cute, lol”
  • “I opened TikTok to see NiziU girls' dance and Mr Gushiken appears. I'm sorry to share this video with my followers, but he is cute, and he makes me happy.”
  • “I go to bed and hope to dream of the NiziU girl Rima. But I think Mr. Gushiken may appear instead. Good night NiziU girls."

Although a decorated professional boxer, Yoko Gushiken is clearly a sucker for a well-choreographed dance. He used to hold the WBA light-flyweight title. It's easy to forget about such glory while watching him dance.

BMX is hard

Professional dancers also dance uniquely from time to time. Perhaps you're familiar with the Japanese series ‘Otoko wa tsuraiyo’ (Being a man is hard). A professional dancer “moonymang (moonymang) dances as the film’s main character, Tora, in this post:

“BMX is hard”

He also posted this video on his Instagram:

“Double dutch is hard.”

3380 people liked this post and 55 followers reacted:

  • “I laughed out loud. ‘Tora’ is a god.”
  • “My stomach hurts!”
  • “I laughed. It was so funny I laughed all morning.”
  • “So funny”
  • “I really like this kind of performance.”
  • “Your video is amusing.”
  • “Awesome!”
  • “I love you, Tora. You look good in your costume”
  • “Your face though!”

Indeed, moonymang is famous throughout Japan. He danced in the Skrillex & Vic Mensa “No Chill” music video and has won various dance contests. Yet, despite the accolades, he still loves to goof around. Overall, his goofball performances make followers and fans happy, and that’s what counts.

By - Luke Mahoney.

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