teamLab is known for their exhibitions that provide an otherworldly visual experience to those who come and visit. Their exhibitions not only give you something beautiful to look at, but they also often include the senses of hearing and touch to wrap everything together into a total sensory delight.

While they’ve continually been creating new exhibitions to provide evolving experiences, they’re adding yet a new event to their repertoire this upcoming March. Titled “teamLab Reconnect: Art and Sauna Roppongi”, the exhibition will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the historical background of saunas, while also experiencing their unique form of art at the same time.

teamLab’s press release for the exhibition tells us that there will be three different areas — namely, a sauna area, a cold water area, and an “art bathing” area — all connected through a single space.

They’ve also given a teaser of some of the artworks that will be included in their new exhibition. One of the aforementioned works is an interactive display called “Levitation”. It features a floating red sphere that acts like a living being. If the sphere is hit or disturbed, it falls to the ground and rolls away, but once it is left alone again, it slowly regains its floating position.

Another display that can be seen in the exhibition is also interactive, but in a different way. It features an array of larger-than-life flowers being rendered by a computer in real-time, and their appearance changes depending on how people interact with them.

The exhibition is set to include other displays that we’ve yet to see, so those interested in experiencing what else teamLab has under their sleeves (while also enjoying a one-of-a-kind sauna experience) can find out more about the upcoming exhibition below. Admission price for the event and event hours will be announced on their website at a later date.

teamLab Reconnect: Art and Sauna Roppongi

  • Date: March to August 2020
  • Venue: teamLab Reconnect, 5-10-25 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Event website

By - Jen Laforteza.