With the pandemic in full swing, and a new, highly infectious strain of the virus beginning to spread, you can't blame anyone from wanting to stay in. I know I certainly can't. Along these lines, it comes as no surprise that the number of people working from home is increasing, even in workaholic Japan. Fortunately, this means there is more time to spend with the family. And, naturally, pets are an important part of the family.

A Twitter user, Yurin Kun (@yuri_chinchilla), is one such remote worker. She posted a video of herself teleworking and uploaded the result on the SNS platform.

"Finally, I realized my dream of being distracted by my pets while working..."

Her Chinchilla is trying to play with her stylus. I guess the furry little munchkin didn’t realize it was time to get down to business. Her followers reacted:

  • “What is this animal with such droopy eyes?"
  • “It’s so cute. If it bothers me while I’m working, I definitely can forgive it.”
  • “The desperateness is adorable”
  • “Only so many days before that pen will be wrecked...”
  • “It’s sweet. I want it to bother me too.”
  • “It’s cute, and I envy you.”
  • “Can you sleep with it at night?”
  • “You must draw a picture of it with your stylus."

Yurin Kun definitely isn’t the only one with this problem. Here is another post featuring a playful pet. Kamentotsu (@Computerozi) tweeted this post.

"My cat always turns off the humidification function on the air purifier. My throat dries out every morning because of this ‘professional housekeeper.’"

His followers reacted:

  • "Mine does the same thing to my newborn son.”
  • “The ‘professional housekeeper’ in my house turns off the washing machine, so I have to restart it. These guys are certainly hard workers.”
  • “I use the same air purifier as you. My pet unlocks the child lock function and messes with it everyday. He knows how to unlock the child lock...lol. I guess he likes the air purifier’s sound and the lights of its button.”
  • “I guess the designer of the air purifier doesn’t have a cat.”
  • “The cat thinks, ‘Ok! I completed my first task of the day, turning off the air purifier.”
  • “The cat gives a determined look and then presses the button accurately. It’s definitely a professional.”
  • “The cat’s emotion makes it seem like a professional.”
  • “It has a professional skill”

It’s pretty amazing how the cat has learned to turn off the child lock function. Even on my better days, I struggle with child-proof containers and locks. The cat seems to have a strong sense of responsibility and is determined to 'help out' every day.

Party dog

There are many fun events, especially in winter. Christmas and New Year’s parties typically are at the top of my list.

Indeed, it's a busy time of year. That's why this Shiba Inu decided to help out. His owner, Twitter user Shiba Ken Mame (@noyutarun) posted pictures of the ‘New Year's’ decoration that the pup picked out. Talk about decking the halls. How gorgeous...

"Thanks to my dog Mame, our bland floor is now unbelievably gorgeous."

Her followers reacted:

  • "Wow, it's like 'December decorations.’ He has a good sense! Here's your handkerchief, owner.”
  • “The confetti makes it look like Mame won some competition. Congratulations! Lol”
  • “It’s so colorful.”
  • “He’s a professional.”
  • “Amazing! Let’s have a party!”
  • “His face tells me that he just completed some important task.”
  • “Ops! it’s amazing.”
  • “He’s cute. He seems like he is proud of it.”

His owner took these photographs as he started to bite the balloons he used to ‘decorate.’ Afterwards, she basked in the afterglow of the show.

Sure enough, Shiba Inus are widely considered to be clever. I'm sure this act wasn't a wanton mistake. Instead, I'm sure he's merely trying to encourage his family to celebrate the winter holidays.

Good boy.

By - Luke Mahoney.