The “Yuru Hakama” series of roomwear is just one of the products to have come out from Mocolle, a Japanese brand that takes the ideas of popular artists & designers from social media and brings them to life using crowdfunding campaigns.

A hakama, essentially, is the traditional Japanese version of trousers. They’re paired with a kimono for the top, and by design, they are tied around the waist area with their length covering the legs all the way down to the ankles. They were typically made from heavy, stiff fabric in order to protect the legs of the ancient Japanese during horse rides or during excursions to the mountains and fields.

The Yuru Hakama takes the design of these traditional trousers but instead is made out of soft, flowing fabric to adapt it for use at home. This modern iteration also adds patterns in their designs, whereas typical hakamas are made from plain materials.

In the past, these roomwear products were so popular that they surpassed their crowdfunding goals. The January 2021 version finally introduces Yuru Hakama for men, and includes brand new animal patterns for women.

The women’s designs features three animals: cats, rabbits, and the long-tailed tit, an adorable palm-sized bird also known as “shima enaga” in Japanese.

The latest Yuru Hakama designs, along with previously released versions, are available online through Village Vanguard’s website. The patterned hakamas are priced at 10,120 yen, while the plain versions are slightly cheaper at 9,790 yen.

By - Jen Laforteza.