Unisex, androgynous, gender-neutral, genderless. Whatever you like to call it, that’s where fashion is, and that’s where it plans to stay.

Gone are the days when only girls could wear dresses, and only boys blazers and ties. We’ve said goodbye to gendered expectations, unlocked the door that once separated ‘menswear’ and ‘womenswear’, and said hello to wearing what we want to. We are now fashionably free.

Making its debut in the fashion world, new brand, HUU, is aiming to push fashion beyond expectational and societal boundaries. Based on the concept that style is not bound by gender, HUU brings current trends to light through elegant and sophisticated gender-neutral clothing.

The brand was launched by Maho Kobayashi, who explains that he created the brand as a way for people to empower themselves through free expression;

‘I had spoken to LGBTQ family members, friends, and people around me. They told me how they had felt that they needed to conform to fashion expectations in order to ‘fit in’, even though it was uncomfortable.
They spoke of how it is expected that ‘women should be feminine, and men masculine’.

We are all unknowingly bound by some form of expectations in the world, but in reality, there are many more options and ways to live more freely and happily.
Through the brand HUU I want people to choose fashion for themselves, rather than what is expected. It is not made for men or for women, but instead for everyone.

I believe that if you feel comfortable in your own fashion and style, you will develop confidence in yourself and become more beautiful. HUU has been created so that everyone can express themselves confidently and beautifully.’

In addition to being all-gender-friendly, HUU prides itself on it’s sustainable agenda; the limited clothing they make are produced at domestic Japanese factories, and use natural materials and fabrics.

Pinstripe Tailored Jacket ¥32,000 + tax
Pinstripe Corset Style Vest ¥28,000 + tax
Pinstripe Corset Style Camisole ¥7,000 + tax
Pinstripe High Waist Long Trousers ¥26,000 + tax
Pinstripe Basic High Waist Shorts ¥18,000 + tax

100% Silk Tailored Jacket ¥80,000 + tax
100% Silk Corset Style Vest ¥70,000 + tax
100% Silk Corset Style Camisole ¥12,000 + tax
100% Silk High Waist Long Trousers ¥70,000 + tax
100% Silk Basic High Waist Shorts ¥50,000 + tax

HUU’s debut fashion collection is available to purchase online here. Discover more about the new brand by heading over to their instagram account.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.