Doshisha Corporation has released a set of "smart" square frying pans under the "sutto" brand name, which offer several advantages over conventional models.

In developing the sutto lineup, Doshisha considered how to solve two common problems with existing frying pans sets. First, it is troublesome to take out frying pans from wherever they are stored when they are stacked. Second, they take up too much space in storage.

Doshisha's solution was to develop a set of square frying pans that don't require stacking. Due to their square shape, they can be placed vertically and can be neatly stored in open spaces around the kitchen. As long as there's a space between 70 to 100 mm wide and 290 to 315 mm high, they'll fit. In addition, by making them square, their cooking area is larger than round frying pans, which means you can be more efficient.

They come with their own custom lids:

They're easy to store vertically.

Two ribs on the sides stabilize the pan and allow it to stand securely:

The pans are easy to stand and store on the kitchen counter and gas range area in open spaces that couldn't accommodate frying pans before. For example, the space between the gas range and the wall is usually only wide enough to place spices, condiments or maybe a rack for kitchen tools. With the sutto lineup, such a space can now can accommodate a frying pan:

Doshisha considered what would be most convenient when trying to take out a frying pan stored under the kitchen counter, and realized that a corner handle would be best for these pans which can be stored standing vertically and not stacked. The grip was also designed to be easy to handle at 17 cm wide.

The square shape with corners also makes it easier to pour liquids:

Product Details

  • Name (JP): スマートフライパンsutto
  • Translation: Smart frying pan sutto
  • Model Nos.: SUT16BK/ SUT18BK/ SUT20BK
  • Sizes (in mm): SUT16BK: 380 x 210 x 140 / Frying area: 170 x 170 x 80 | SUT18BK: 410 x 235 x 120 / Frying area: 190 x 190 x 60 | SUT20BK: 435 x 260 x 130 / Frying area: 210 x 210 x 60
  • Weight: SUT16BK: 942 g | SUT18BK: 1.06 kg | SUT20BK: 1.21 kg
  • Open price
  • Comes with customized glass lids with silicone rings
  • On sale from early February.
  • Website (product not listed at current time)

By - Ben K.

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