Children often fight. If you ask my family, It’s an essential part of growing up. But what happens when a sibling is battling with something that is not human?

Instagram user Otosuzu posted a video of her twin daughters. On this occasion, they were getting up to something a little peculiar, and 690000 people were surprised by the resulting video.

"It happened before they were about to go to bed. I wondered who they were fighting with..."

In the video, the girl crying, Oto, claims, "Soran pushed me, and it hurt.” Soran is her baby doll’s name. Apparently, the baby doll pushed her…

Her mother tried to calm Oto, saying, “Soran is still a baby. Can you forgive what she did?” Oto said back “I know. I understand that. But I was shocked that Soran pushed me...” Her mother thinks for a moment about what to do, and she decides to make Soran apologize to Oto. The two find Soran sleeping on the stairs, and makeup in the end.

Followers reacted:

  • “I didn’t think ‘Soran’ was a doll!!”
  • “I thought ‘Soran’ was her cousin or someone. But actually, she was a doll! What does she mean ‘She pushed me’? It’s like the movie Annabelle.”
  • “I still laugh even though I’ve watched this video many times.”
  • “It’s a little bit like a horror movie.”
  • “My child also talks about someone who doesn’t exist. Children sometimes see things that we can’t see. I think it’s like the movie My Neighbor Totoro.”
  • “It’s possessed. Lol. I’m sorry I laughed, Oto!”
  • “It was scary when I saw the doll sleeping on the stairs. It’s so cute that they made up.”
  • “I want to know the details about how Soran pushed her.”
  • “I laughed on a crowded train.”

While watching the video, many viewers initially thought ‘Soran’ was Oto’s friend or pet. I wonder what she will think about this video when she grows up. Probably, she’ll have long since forgiven Soran over the incident...if she even remembers.

Fighting with her twin sister

As you may have noticed in the clip, Oto has a twin sister, Suzu, with whom she sometimes fights. On a separate occasion, their mother took another video about just that:

"Everyone is having a moody morning."

In the video, Oto’s sister Suzu claims that “I’m a lady and you are still a baby, Oto.” Fighting words if I've ever heard any. Oto quickly shoots back, “Hey, I’m a lady!"

This conversation makes me laugh. Apparently, the irony is lost on the two twin girls who were approximately born simultaneously.

Followers also found this funny:

  • “I’m curious how this fight ends. Lol It’s too cute. I watched this video many times.”
  • "Their mother is watching their fight without saying anything. How nice.”
  • “They are like small monsters. They know how to show they are angry. So sweet.”
  • “‘Women’ are dangerous!”
  • “I can’t stop laughing!”
  • “They are so scary! Lol. They are serious, and it makes me laugh. They are so cute!!!”
  • “They are young, but ladies♡ I know everyone is moody sometimes and it’s ok! Pretty princesses.”
  • “This is how they become real ladies.”

Their mother noted she hopes viewers look forward to raising children after watching Oto and Suzu's videos. Raising twins certainly looks tough, but I’m sure there is also double the joy.

By - Luke Mahoney.