During New Years' I was watching one of my favorite Japanese shows, Zawa Tsuku. They came up with this corner to choose the champion of regional potato chips in Japan, so I was looking forward to discovering new flavors to try out.

Honestly, I was quite confident I know at least half of the flavors, as I like going to local stores and looking for new flavors whenever I go to a new place.

Unfortunately, I was familiar with just two of the potato chip bags introduced in the show, and I was amazed to see how many unique flavors you can find in Japan.

I thought I already knew the strangest flavors out there and that there can’t be anything else to surprise me, but God! I was so wrong.

I discovered some combinations of ingredients that I would have never imagined they work well together.

In this article, I am going to share with you the top ten local potato chips bags in Japan, with the most unique flavors out there, but at the same time, with a taste that will get you addicted:

Peach Potato Chips (Fukushima) / Momo Poteto Chippusu ももポテトチップス(福島)

Fukushima honestly surprised me the most. I would never even think of combining peach with chips. However, these chips got so popular, and it is so hard now to purchase them online. What is interesting is that the smell is not sweet/peachy at all. However, when you taste them, you will certainly end up being shocked and say: “Wow! This is PEACH!! How on Earth?!”.

The peach is turned into a puree, then a powder, and then sprinkled on the potato chips, so after just one bite, you will undoubtedly say that it is peach, not believing how authentic it tastes.

It is such a unique flavor and is more like a sweet treat rather than chips. You can also eat it with vanilla ice-cream, and it tastes amazing!

Grilled corn potato chips (Hokkaido) / Yaki Toumorokoshi Poteto Chippousu 焼きとうもろこしポテトチップス(北海道)

This flavor might not be so surprising as Japan has many snacks based on corn. Hokkaido is also well-known for its delicious ingredients, and corn is one of the ingredients they are very proud of. It is delicious and has such a nice, sweet fragrance, too.

Salt Lemon Potato Chips(Chiba) / Shio Remon Poteto Chippusu しおレモンポテトチップス(千葉)

Another delicious flavor is Chiba’s salt lemon chips that have a refreshing taste and remind you of summer. The chips made in Kamogawa City can also be purchased online.

Katsuo Potato Chips (Soda, Kochi) / Soda Katsuo Poteto Chippusu 宗田かつおポテトチップス(高知)

You can never go wrong with bonito flakes (katsuo), and the potato chips from Soda go well with a cold can of beer and are the perfect snack for every season.


Osaka’s Takoyaki Potato Chips(Osaka) / Takoyaki Poteto Chippusu たこ焼きポテトチップス(大阪)

When you think of Osaka, you think of Takoyaki (octopus balls), so makes sense that they have many Takoyaki flavored snacks. It is not surprising at all that a combination of Takoyaki and chips is also available.

To reproduce the taste of Takoyaki, they used many seasonings, including pickled ginger, green onions in the Takoyaki powder. Therefore, it gives off the authentic taste of the beloved Japanese snack of Osaka.

Shiroebi (white shrimp) potato chips (Toyama) / 白エビポテトチップス(富山)

The high-quality shrimp of Toyama Bay is combined with potato chips, and after a bite, I am sure you won’t be able to stop yourself.

Onion Potato Chips (Awajishima, Hyogo) / Awajishima Tamanegi Poteto Chippusu 淡路島玉ねぎポテトチップス(兵庫)

The chips from Hyogo Prefecture have in the spotlight the sweetness of the onions in Awajishima. It is a flavor that probably suits everyone’s taste buds.

Yuzu salt Yoshida Shoin’s potato chips from Yamaguchi / ゆず塩 吉田松陰のポテトチップス (山口)

Let me say that I fell in love with how the package looks like, and that was already a big plus before even finding out how it tastes like. The refreshing, fruity fragrance of yuzu, the salt, and the packaging, everything is just perfect. Yuzu is Hagi’s famous ingredient, and the bittersweet flavor of these chips is one of my favorites.

Beni Shoga Potato Chips (Osaka) 紅ショウガポテトチップス(大阪)

Another flavor from Osaka is the red pickled ginger potato chips. The chips taste like red pickled ginger tempura, and it tastes heavenly combined with the Takoyaki chips mentioned above.

Chou! Yuzu Gosho Potato Chips (Oita) 超!ゆずごしょうポテトチップス (大分)

The “Super! Yuzu Pepper Potato Chips” are using yuzu citrus pepper, which is Oita’s specialty, and not just that, but the chips are also not fried, which makes it a lot healthier. I am a fan of healthier options, and I love more refreshing flavors like lemon, yuzu, so this one is one of my favorites.


These are the top regional potato chips, and if I were to choose my top three, it would be: The Super! Yuzu Citrus Pepper Chips from Oita in the 1st place, followed by the Peach Chips of Fukuoka that won be over with the innovative idea of combining peach and chips which still blows my mind; and lastly, the Yuzu salt potato chips of Yamaguchi.

Also, the top one chosen by the Zawa Tsuku staff was Peach Chips, which managed to be the champion of the regional potato chips in Japan. A must-try if coming here. You can also order all ten flavors online here or get a box of peach-flavored chips here. Currently, they are sold out, but you can click on "notify me when available" so that you can order it when it's back in stock.

Which one you’d love to try out?

By - cinnamonellie.