COVID-19 is a complete time-suck. Working from home during the pandemic, it's easy to feel the unbroken string of days turn into weeks, months, and now, even, a year. It really feels like just a few months ago I was hearing about some strange virus spreading across China and thinking, "Oh, I obviously have nothing to worry about here." Simpler times.

And with this vacuum of time which is the ongoing pandemic, I grudgingly admit that the events of the last year or so have certainly aged me more than I would've hoped. It's a bit harder to get up, and my joints feel a bit more rickety every morning. If you of my generation, perhaps you noticed a particularly painful Tweet I over the summer which put things into “focus” well as cause me to consider my own mortality...

Well, he certainly accomplished what he set out to do.

Act your age

It's certainly true that "time waits for no man," "lost time is never found again," and a plethora of other pointless expressions to make you feel about your age. The one silver lining for anyone reeling from a similar "awakening" during the pandemic: you're clearly not alone.

Recently, manga artist Tsubasa Fukuchi (@fukuchi_tsubasa) (The Law of Ueki) posted a piece about the trial and tribulations of living through your forties. Indeed, the artist noticed a few more challenges he has to deal with as he grows older:

Reproduced with permission from Tsubasa Fukuchi (@fukuchi_tsubasa)

Certainly, things don't always change for the better. But at least it wasn't a manga about hair in new places.

Regardless, followers were sympathetic. They commented:

  • “I did the same thing the other day walking up the stairs. I spilt my tea because there was no place to put it. Crap crap crap!!! ”
  • “This is so true I couldn’t stop laughing. Every year our bodies show us that we can’t stop growing old.”
  • “I can definitely relate. As you get older, for some reason it becomes easier to choke. I guess your throat gets worn out.”

If you liked this manga—and how could you not—you can find more like it on Fukuchi's Twitter page.

By - Luke Mahoney.