Cells at Work! manga and anime

Fans of the popular manga and anime series Cells at Work! featuring the anthropomorphized cells of the human body may be going through some mixed emotions recently. Fans who read the manga were probably disappointed that the original series concluded last year, but those who enjoy the anime adaptation are happy to have a second season (based on the spinoff manga Cells at Work! Black) beginning this month.

But as long as you enjoy sake, both fans of the manga and the anime might appreciate a new collaboration product being offered by Nexus Co., Ltd.

Cells at Work! commemorative sake 純米大吟醸 拝盃錦

This handsomely decorated bottle of "Junmai Daiginjō Baibaikin" sake goes on sale today, January 26, 2021, to commemorate the start of the second season of the TV animation and the completion of the original comic series.

As any sake lover will tell you, 純米大吟醸 junmai daiginjō is the top class of sake, the A-list, made with only rice, water and koji yeast culture and the highest milling rates in the sake market. The name baibaikin 拝盃錦, however, is a clever play on words that is both appropriate for these pandemic times and in keeping with the theme of Cells at Work!. While the individual kanji mean "worship / (sake) cup / brocade" (the final kanji, often used in sake names, is usually read nishiki), they can also be read bai bai kin. That can be interpreted as "bye bye bacteria," an appropriate message for a sake bottle with the likeness of White Blood Cell (U-1146) on it.

The sake is made from carefully selected Yamada-Nishiki, polished to a luxurious 39%. It has a fruity aroma of mango, blackcurrant, and other tropical fruits, a mild mouthfeel, and a refreshing aftertaste with a good balance of acidity and sweetness, which makes it a good choice even for people who don't usually drink sake.

The original label is designed in the style of an ink painting, showing White Blood Cell (U-1146) with his iconic gaze and a foil-stamped inscription featuring the name of the sake. It comes with a custom paulownia wood box with the name of the series in Japanese はたらく細胞.

Moreover, the bottleneck decoration is inspired by white and red blood cells. All of these features make it an excellent decorative piece that fans can appreciate and display even after they have consumed the content.

Homare Shuzo Co.

Founded in 1918 in Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture, Aizu Homare is one of the leading sake breweries in Fukushima Prefecture. In 2015, it won the Champion Sake award in the SAKE category of the IWC, the world's leading wine competition, and at the 2016 G7 Ise-Shima Summit, former Prime Minister Abe gave Junmai Daiginjo sake as a gift to the heads of state.

Product Details

  • Name (JP): はたらく細胞コラボ日本酒「純米大吟醸 拝盃錦」
  • Translation: Cells at Work! collaboration sake "Junmai Daiginjō Baibaikin"
  • Volume: 720 ml
  • Orders accepted from January 26th, 2021
  • Scheduled to start shipping in late February 2021. Orders placed subsequent to that will be shipped within three weeks.
  • Price: 6,600 JPY (incl. tax) + shipping (domestic)
  • Order from Saketsunagi Online Shop
  • Manufacturer: Homare Shuzo Co.
  • Planning and Sales: Nexus Corp.
  • Label design: LINKS Corp.
  • Credits: Akane Shimizu / Kodansha, Aniplex, davidproduction ⓇKODANSHA ©Nexus Co., Ltd.

By - Ben K.