Feeling chilly? DoCLASSE has got the perfect solution to warm you up this winter with their Do Heat HOTOPIA collection, which will ensure that you can be both fashionable and functional even in the cold weather.

First up in the series is the Do Heat Super Hot Glamping Coat.
Resembling a thick bedding quilt, and equipped with a rechargeable battery powered heater, this coat is the perfect winter warmer for any outdoor activity.

The coat is heated by a carbon heater that is installed in the rear padding. Operation of the heater is easy, with the simple touch of a button leading to a comfortable temperature in as little as 20 seconds. The heat is then emitted by infrared rays, which in turn regulates blood flow and warms the body all the way into the core.
The temperature can be set from 38°C to 53°C. Once the temperature is set, the heater will save power consumption by automatically turning on and off when it goes 1°C above or below the desired setting.

The heater is powered by a rechargeable 5000mA portable battery, which, when fully charged with the provided USB cable, will last up to 6 hours.

Keeping the coat clean is also easy, as it can be washed as a whole by hand, even with the built-in carbon heater (be sure to remove the portable battery when submerged in water).
Additionally, the Super Hot Glamping Coat can expand and be used as a heated quilt. When not in use, the coat packs down into a convenient, lightweight and compact rollup.

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Do Heat Super Warm Glamping Coat

Colours: Olive, Khaki, Midnight Blue
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: ¥ 19,900 + tax

In addition to the Do Heat Super Hot Glamping Coat, DoCLASSE has also released the Do Heat 2WAY Shawl.

Equipped with a carbon heater, which can be conveniently placed into a seam pocket, and buttons for fastening the shawl into place (DoCLASSE recommends using it around your shoulder or waist), the Do Heat 2WAY Shawl is an easy solution for getting warm and staying cosy.

The Do Heat 2WAY Shawl comes with one fleece side and the other smooth denier nylon and is available in 3 colours; black, white and beige. Just like the Do Heat Super Hot Glamping Coat, the 2WAY Shawl can be hand washed as long as the portable battery is removed.

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Do Heat 2WAY Shawl

Colours: White, Black, Beige
Size: Free Size
Price: ¥ 14,900 + tax

Both the Do Heat Super Hot Glamping Coat and the Do Heat 2WAY Shawl are now available to purchase in store and online at DoCLASSE. Head over to their website to check out the rest of their Do Heat series.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.