To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Pingu series, Japan started the first full-scale Pingu Exhibition in August last year, in Tokyo.

The popular Swiss-born character, Pingu, will once again make his appearance in Japan. However, this time, it will be at Daimaru Umeda, a venue in Osaka. The exhibition starts on Wednesday, the 3rd of February,2021, and you can also order the tickets in advance.

Besides the series original material by Otmar Gutmann, the show’s creator, you will also discover approximately 400 pieces during the exhibition.

The pieces include original drawings and storyboards, first released in Japan, also clay figures and dioramas used in the Swiss studio and films.

Besides a peek into the world of Pingu’s creator and many exhibits and information about how Pingu was born, you also have the chance to buy limited-edition Pingu goods.

Pingu Marche is a shop that sells original Pingu merch and will put on sale many limited items for the exhibition.

New items such as Pingu 40th Figure Pinga or Pingu 40th Outdoor Collaboration Sakosshu(Shoulder Bag) will also be released.

Here are some of the items that will be available on sale:

Pingu 40th Outdoor Sakosshu/ Shoulder Bag (Sustainable)

The shoulder bag comes in three colors: Navy, Mocha, and Mint Green, and it costs 6,000 yen. It is sustainable and made from recycled PET Bottles.

Pingu 40th figure (Pinga muffler)

The Pinga figure with a red muffler reproduces the clay model used in the actual shooting. It is a limited-edition item, and its price is 14,000 yen. It will be available from mid-February.

Pingu 40th Liberty Print

The items Liberty Print are three in number: Liberty print gusset pouch(2,200 yen), Liberty print flat pouch (1,800 yen), and mini tote bag (3,000 yen).

All three have an embroidered Pingu and a flower pattern, and it seems to be quite popular among women.

Pingu 40th Kalita Hasami

The Kalita Hasami mugs, white and yellow (2,600 per piece), and the Kalita Hasami dripper (2,800 yen) make the perfect gift for Pingu fans.

The designs are so cute, and there is a Pingu print on the front of the products.

Pingu 40th Ice-Watch

The watch is popular among all generations and has Pingu’s face on it. It costs 16,800 yen.

Pingu 40th Plushies

You can choose from Pingu with his teddy bear plushie (4,000 yen) or Pinga with the rabbit plushie (3,600 yen).

Pingu 40th Water Dome

A cute water dome with our beloved characters, Pingu and Pinga, for only 3,500 yen. A perfect item for the wintertime.

Where to purchase the tickets?

If you want to purchase the Pingu Exhibition tickets in advance, you can buy them from Lawson/Ministop Convenience Stores- Loppi (L code 54112) starting from the 2nd of February, 2021.

Admission fee (tax included):

  • Adult 1,300 yen
  • High School Students 700 yen
  • Junior High School Student 500 yen
  • Elementary School Students 400 yen
  • *Free of charge for preschoolers

The store is free of charge so, if you only want to purchase Pingu merch, you won't need to buy an exhibition ticket.

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