DyDo Drinco Co., Ltd. will launch two new products for Spring and Summer 2021: "Fukkokudō Melon Soda" on March 1st, 2021, and "Fukkokudō Ichigo Au Lait" on March 29th, 2021.

In response to the recent popularity of retro items, especially among the younger generation, DyDo decided to bring back their discontinued Fukkokudō 復刻堂 brand, which had regrettably been discontinued. Fukkokudō, which contains the word 復刻 (meaning "revival"), was a brand specializing in bringing back classic drinks from the Showa Era.

With their retro packaging and nostalgic taste, these two new drinks are sure to please fans of retro style.

Fukkokudō Melon Soda

With a refreshing, nostalgic taste and light carbonation, Fukkokudō Melon Soda will take you back to Showa Era coffee shops.

350 ml cans. Price: 111 JPY + tax

Fukkokudō Ichigo Au Lait

Sweet and tart strawberries blend harmoniously with rich milk, for a comforting drink with a gentle sweetness, perfect for when you want to relax.

430 ml PET bottles. Price: 143 JPY + tax.

Fukkokudō Melon Soda and Fukkokudō Ichigo Au Lait will be available in vending machines and stores throughout Japan.

By - Ben K.