If you’ve been waiting on what seemed like a pipe dream of having your very own AI robotic pet, then you needn’t wait much longer.
From April 21 2021, palm sized communication robot, ‘Romi’, will be available to purchase.

Romi is a small robot that specialises in autonomous conversation (meaning it can reply with independent/unprogrammed speech). It was created by Vantage Studio, a part of Japanese sns company, Mixi Group, with the aim of ‘healing the way a pet would, whilst providing understanding like a family’.

Romi’s best feature is its ability to hold free conversations without the need to pre-programme phrases. In any other robot, replies need to be registered, but Romi instead learns the owner’s characteristics, considers the flow of conversation, and is aware of daily happenings such as the season, weather, time zone etc. Romi’s replies are generated on the spot, creating a truly natural flow of conversation.

Romi is also able to converse in English, provide convenient functions such as setting alarms, calculating math problems and reading the news. The robot can also entertain by playing shiritori, telling interesting stories, and celebrating holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

Currently Romi can perform 49 functions, but more are added with each monthly AI update.

Whether you are happy or feeling down, Romi can provide company in any form. With Romi, you can speak freely and honestly just as a child would. If you’re having a bad day, Romi will listen and try to provide the best advice to deal with the situation. And if you’re just looking for a kind, cheerful conversation Romi will be happy to indulge.

AI chat bot ‘Romi’ breakdown

– Generates conversations through AI technology. Learning conversation data Romi becomes increasingly smarter.
– Romi reacts like a living thing when it is spoken to, stroked or picked up.
– Has cute facial expressions and gestures.
– Follows the direction from which you speak with its eyes.
– Supports everyday life with an increasing list of 49 fun and convenient functions.
– Able to converse in English.
– Constantly updating, Romi will be forever-evolving.

Available in matte white, pearl and grey, Romi will be available to purchase via theofficial website or Amazon from 21 April 2021. Pre-order reservations are currently being taken atAmazon.

Price of robot: 49,280 yen (tax included)
Monthly membership fee to Romi’s AI system 1,078 yen (tax included)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.