This cool cap is the fruit of a collaborative project between traditional craft makers in Yamanashi prefecture. It combines Inden lacquered deerskin and Fujiyama Ori cloth in a groundbreaking example of how the fashion business in Japan is embracing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Mt. Fuji Products is a small company in Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture that wanted to do something to promote the SDGs, which are based on the principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

They got together with two small craft companies and the folks at the Mirai Project and came up with this cool lacquered deerskin x Fujiyama Ori cap.

Inden and Fujiyama Ori are traditional crafts in Yamanashi prefecture. Inden 印伝 is a 400-year-old method of lacquering tanned deer hide. It is used to make items such as wallets, business card holders and bags. Fujiyama Ori ふじやま織 is a kind of traditional textile.

The new cap was planned and developed with two Yamanashi companies, Inden no Yamamoto 印伝の山本 and Funakubo Textiles 舟久保織物. Working with students from the Mirai Project, they decided to focus on sustainable fashion.

The Mirai Project puts students in Yamanashi prefecture in touch with local businesses, who give them the chance to acquire practical skills as employees.

They decided to make caps because they wanted the younger generation to see the appeal of inden and Fujiyama Ori. The design was decided by the students.

The team call themselves Tr@dinion, which is a combination of the English words, ‘tradition’ and ‘union,’ in reference to the two traditional Yamanashi crafts used to make the cap.

The inden used comes from the skin of deer that have been killed by vermin, and the Fujiyama Ori fabric used comes from scraps and offcuts of cloth from large scale manufacturing orders.

A meeting between students and local companies at the Mirai Project. | ValuePress Co., Ltd.

The Tr@dinion cap uses printed fabric on the front two sides. Fujiyama woven fabric is used for the four sides from the side to the back and the brim, with the inden pattern as the main element.

The Fujiyama design looks great when you put it on the back. The glossy inden lacquer reflects the light, and the design comes in different patterns.

The Tr@dinion cap comes in this dedicated cap case. | ValuePress Co., Ltd.

The Tr@dinion cap will be on sale from March 31st. Initially, they are only available from Tr@dinion’s online shop, but the idea is to eventually open sales channels in department stores too.

All caps are made to order sales and delivered within about two weeks of receiving your order. The Tr@dinion cap costs ¥39,800 yen (tax included) and includes a dedicated cap case.

Visit Tr@dinion’s online shop and find out more about the Mirai Project.

Mt. Fuji Products is a company in Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture that plans, develops, and sells various products and foods related to Mt. Fuji. They are known for epoch-making products like Blue Mt. Fuji Curry, Blue Mt. Fuji Cream Soda and Blue Mt. Fuji Curry Bread.

By - George Lloyd.