Kamakura is a popular tourist spot and a great day-trip from the Tokyo area. The seaside Japanese city is not only known for surfing (at Yuigahama Beach), it's also home to dozens of Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples, including Kōtoku-in Temple’s famous Great Buddha.

It's often on the list of places to visit for foreigners coming to Japan. But even if you're one of the many people who have visited Kamakura before, you've probably never seen it quite like this...

Japanese photographer yuuui (@_a7r9) lists three interests on his Twitter profile when it comes to photography: The first two are street snaps, and minimal photography, but the third one is infrared photography.

He also explains that he likes to "record the beauty that is often overlooked in everyday life" in his photographs.

Through infrared photography, he does indeed show us a completely different side of life...

In a Tweet which has garnered over 207,000 likes and 38,000 retweets at the time of writing, yuui posted these four photographs revealing a beautiful vision of Kamakura looking like some kind of dreamworld or even an alternate reality...

"When I shot Kamakura with a special camera, I ended up with beautiful, dreamy photos."

Reproduced with permission from yuuui (@_a7r9)

Reproduced with permission from yuuui (@_a7r9)

Reproduced with permission from yuuui (@_a7r9)

Reproduced with permission from yuuui (@_a7r9)

The beautiful photographs elicited numerous plaudits in response. For example:

  • "These photos are so pretty! I want to use them as wallpaper"
  • "It looks like something from anime!"
  • "These photos are so gorgeous, I thought they were paintings!"
  • "I'm melting. It's so unbelievably beautiful"

If you'd like to see more of yuuui's amazing infrared photography, you can visit his special Instagram account devoted exclusively to that here. If you'd like to see his street snaps, his other Instagram account is here. And of course, you can follow him on his Twitter account for more information and other updates.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.