A Japanese company dedicated to creating large-scale commercial and artistic projects using both the arts and technology, Rhizomatiks is famous for its association with the pop group Perfume, among other things.

Now in April 2021, they have opened the beta version of CryptoArt-Experiment, an original platform for selling crypto art.

Since last year, crypto art and the various platforms that support their trading, have rapidly become a movement around the world. There have been high-value transactions in the six digits and even higher.

Focusing on the digital artworks of Rhizomatiks, CryptoArt-Experiment allows users to experience a simulation of NFT and the crypto art marketplaces that have been rapidly gaining attention in recent years, using ETH as a test network. With a view to actually trading works in the future, Rhizomatiks has analyzed the situation and created a way for users to visualize and understand the situation surrounding crypto art. Rhizomatics will continue to question the challenges facing crypto art and explore visions of its future.


Crypto art quickly became a trend during the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and 2021. Now, it's no longer just for the few who know about crypto assets and blockchain.

The new non-advertising-driven, decentralized ecosystem was also welcomed by many artists. However, a variety of issues have been brought to light. For example, the high environmental impact of PoW (Proof of Work) systems, the large price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, and the opacity of marketplaces, not to mention concerns over the social value of art, and the question of art becoming a medium of exchange for the wider economy. This has led to numerous debates, both for and against this fledgling movement. As a result, many artists are hesitant to dive into the world of crypto art.

At Rhizomatiks, we believe that in order to examine the problems and possibilities that this large movement poses, it is not enough to create and sell crypto artworks to understand the nature of the problem. Therefore, we have developed our own platform which will change flexibly depending on the results of the beta test and the experiments in the real environment.

In the future, we are considering opening the use of the platform to non-Rhizomatiks artists as well. We look forward to working with you.

Daito Manabe

A crypto art platform independently developed by Rhizomatiks

The CryptoArt-Experiment (beta version) is a proprietary platform developed as a marketplace for the purchase of crypto art from Rhizomatiks. The front-end implementation is done by flowplateaux, which has design and implementation skills that span from on-screen to physical space, while the back-end and blockchain are done by Kyuzan, a group of professionals who do their own research, design, and development. Rhizomatiks, which explores new possibilities of technology and expression, was in charge of the entire project.


Since the establishment of Rhizomatiks in 2006, flowplateaux has been developing its R & D capabilities and its integrated creative capabilities through collaborations with many companies, while implementing them sustainably in society.



Kyuzan is a start-up specializing in blockchain technology. EGGRYPTO, the world's easiest blockchain game to play, which they co-developed with GameWith Inc. has the world's largest number of active users. They launched MINT, a service for large IP content holders, top creators, and luxury brands to express their world view, mint their original NFT and store them quickly and easily.



With a focus on experimental projects with strong R & D elements, Rhizomatiks is responsible for every step of the project, from hardware and software development to operations, pursuing new possibilities in technology and expression, conducting R & D projects, and creating artworks while researching the relationship between people and technology. In addition, through collaborative work with outside artists, researchers, and scientists, they present their cutting-edge works of artistic expression and research to the world.


By - Ben K.