IGLOOO, a Japanese company that manages inbound marketing and business promotion for overseas customers, has teamed up with the Yomitan Village of Okinawa for a new collaboration project.

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in an online press conference that gave an overview of the future project plan.

This also allowed me to find out more about the charm of the Yomitan Village.

The press conference started with an outline of the project. Firstly, the host gave the participants more information regarding the background and purpose of this collaboration.


They also touched on the economic struggles and difficulties in many areas in Japan and pointed out that times are now adapting, and many events have moved online.

This collaboration could also take shape because of the actual circumstances, and now, people from overseas can also experience Yomitan Village’s beauty and traditions with only one click.

Until visiting Okinawa is possible, you can at least feel its spirit, discover Yomitan’s culture, and even take a look or purchase some of the traditional products specific to this area.

This project collaboration started in the hope of conveying Yomitan and Okinawa’s charm to people all over the world, and not only can you buy beautifully crafted items, but you can also discover their stories.

Explore Yomitan: Pottery, Crafts and Traditional Okinawan Instruments



Yachimun is the word for pottery in Okinawan dialect, and Yomitan is known to be the home of pottery in Japan.


The unique, traditional designs of the Yachimun pottery are thanks to the Okinawan environment, one of the main inspirations that formed the bases of the Yachimun colorful patterns.

If you look at the designs, you will notice that the spirit of Okinawa is part of all of them, and you will get immersed in the multitude of colors and beautiful motifs that decorate the ceramics.

Mr. Nakama Isao of the Nakama Tobou (Nakama Pottery) also introduced us to a few items that will also be on sale online starting from May on the VOYAPON STORE.

The products, carefully selected to convey the village’s beauty, were made to be used by overseas customers and meet the needs of the targeted countries.

There will be some ceramics, such as bowls or plates, for example, that won’t be as deep as the ones used in Okinawa; therefore, there will be a slight difference in shape.


The reason for that is that they adapted the shape to other continents and countries' cultures and eating habits (Europe, America, Australia, etc.). However, the motifs and patterns remain faithful to the traditional Yachimun.

An introduction by Machidaya followed after the pottery presentation.

It highlighted some of the traditional Okinawan instruments such as the Okinawa Sanshin (三線, three strings), Sanlele (サンレレ), and the Japanese guitar.

Many of you might be more familiar with the name of shamisen 三味線, so it might be easy to remember that the Sanshin from Okinawa and Amami Islands is its predecessor.

Even though the string instruments look the same, there are a couple of differences.


One noticeable one is the skin used to cover the instruments: for Sanshin is snakeskin, while for shamisen is usually dog/cat skin.

Compared to the string instrument of the mainland, the Sanshin has a shorter neck and is more compact, which makes it easier to play.

Another local instrument presented was the Sanlele. Sanlele has a beautiful blue color, and it is more suited for beginners and children.

Last but not least, we have the Kankara Sanshin (かんから三線).

I found it the most interesting because it is an improvised instrument made out of a can and has been around since the Shōwa period.


All will also be on sale on the VOYAPON STORE, where you will also be able to find out more interesting facts about each instrument.

The presentation ended with a performance by the talented musician Alberto Shiroma, followed by a round of Q & A.

For those of you who wish to listen to more songs played on these sensational local instruments, you can check out Machidaya’s Official Youtube Channel.

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