Source: @bon_66

Japanese plushie artist knits adorable bonsai tree

Japanese plushie maker Atelier Euph (@bon_66) has been introducing her crochet stuffed animals on her Twitter and Instagram. On April 9th 2021, she posted a photo of her newest creation on social media, and it is gaining viral popularity on the internet.

Her work concept this time was “bonsai”, Japan's traditional form of gardening that sees a realistic small tree and moss molded, grown, and trimmed in a planter pot.

It has a cute yet Japanese serene look at the same time. Take a look at this adorable piece.

Source: @bon_66

Source: @bon_66

Source: @bon_66

"I knitted bonsai. I used wire inside, so I can mold it into different shapes. Planning to use it as a front entrance decoration at my parents’ house."

The crochet bonsai has a rounded shape like a cute stuffed toy.

The colors are subtle and calming, giving you a peaceful state of mind just by looking at it.

Furthermore, there is a wire inside, so you can mold it into the shape of your liking! This is a clever idea that is unique to crochet making.

The “knitted” bonsai went viral, and left quite an impression in many people.

"Too cute! It looks so sweet. It almost looks like it’s dancing with the branches are bent in different angles."

"The cat-bomber behind the tree is also in good taste…!"

"I like how she phrased it; “I knitted bonsai”. I’d love to have one to decorate my room."

Just like a real bosai tree, it seems that crochet bonsai is so peaceful and has same therapeutic effect on people!

By - Mugi.