The ever popular ‘Espresso Shake’ will be returning to Tully’s coffee store menus for good from 19 May 2021.

Tully’s Espresso Shake is a frozen drink that uses carefully extracted espresso. The drink was first offered as part of Tully’s flagship store menu, but since 2011 it has only been sold during the summer season. Despite this, there have been numerous requests from customers over the years to revive the drink, and now it’s looking like there is a permanent opening for the Tully’s Espresso Shake.

From 19 May 2021, the Tully’s Espresso Shake will appear as a regular menu drink that can be enjoyed regardless of the season.
With the rich aroma of the deep tasting espresso shots accompanied by a mild touch of sweetness, the Tully’s Espresso Shake is a frozen drink that is sure to please even the most faithful espresso-only drinker.

Espresso Shake Prices (Tax included)
Short: 583 yen (tax included)
Tall: 638 yen (tax included)
Additional shot: 55 yen
Tully’s ice topping: 165 yen

In addition to the return of the Espresso Shake, Tully’s has announced the first of their summer season drinks which will also be joining the menu, though only for the summer season – ‘&TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea’ and the ‘Chunky Mango Yoghurt Sworkle’.

&TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea
An earl grey tea blended with grapefruit juices
Tall: 484 yen (tax included)
Grande: 539 yen

Chunky Mango Yoghurt Sworkle
Tully’s frozen drinks, known as ‘sworkles’, get their name from the English words ‘swirl’ and ‘circle’. This time, the sworkle combines the sweet flavours of mango and yoghurt with a helping of mango pulp topping for the perfect summer refreshment.
Tall: 682 yen (tax included)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.