Today, June 4th 2021, Japanese jewelry brand Canal 4℃, developed by F.D.C. Products Co., Ltd., launched its first jewelry using lab-grown diamonds at its stores nationwide and its official online store.

Lab-grown diamonds (synthetic diamonds) are real diamonds created by reproducing with human hands the billions of years of miracles that natural diamonds undergo before they grow in their natural environment. Since there is no need for large-scale underground mining, it is more environmentally friendly and a sustainable form of jewelry that not only offers beauty but also brilliance.

These new necklaces by Canal 4℃ features diamonds that are grown by the CVD (chemical vapor deposition) method and have a pure brilliance. The pink diamond symbolizes eternal love and the blue diamond symbolizes happiness, making rare colored diamond jewelry more accessible to more people than ever before.

In addition, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society, which is engaged in various humanitarian aid activities, to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

A timeless design that can be worn in any setting

Lines resembling leaves and vines accentuate the soft and graceful beauty of this neckalce.

The elegant and sophisticated design can be worn on any occasion and is recommended for simple fashion or layering with other jewelry.

Limited edition case to highlight the beauty of the colored diamonds

Canal 4℃ also has a pure white mirror glass case to highlight the beauty of the pink and blue diamonds. The number of cases is limited, so don't delay.

To purchase yours, visit a Canal 4℃ location on purchase online here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.