C.B. Japan, a manufacturer of daily necessities and miscellaneous goods, has released a cat-shaped sponge that can wipe away water droplets faster and more efficiently than a dishtowel. They're now available at the Village Vanguard online store.

Adorable water absorbing cat-shaped sponge

This cute cat-shaped sponge is soft to the touch and has a mysterious multi-pore structure. It instantly absorbs water, and when you squeeze it with one hand...The water drains out and its ready to soak up water again!

The sponge will be right at home in the kitchen...

...or in the washroom.

It also works great in many other places, such as bathrooms, when you spill drinks, and to prevent water stains due to condensation on windows.

And unlike real cats, they enjoy a bath. If they get dry, a quick soak in water will restore them.

Just don't use them as dishwashing sponges. They dislike that because they'll get dirty and won't be able to soak up water anymore.

These cute and handy sponges are available in pastel blue and pink, with two different cute poses.

Each sponge will set you back 660 JPY + tax. You can buy yours here at the Village Vanguard Online Store while supplies last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.