Nighttime photography can result in some of the most magical images, especially when the photographer knows exactly which camera settings to use to create a certain effect. In our coverage of Japanese photographers over the years, we’ve seen some dazzling pieces taken during the night.

We've seen mesmerising photos of Tokyo Disneyland in the rain, moonlit Kyoto temples, and even what looks like a real life Midgar from Final Fantasy 7.

One photographer recently wowed anime fans by seemingly bringing a classic series to life. Galaxy Express 999 is a science fiction manga which has been adapted into several anime films. In the story, there’s a galactic railroad which allows trains to travel among the stars, and this Japanese photographer has created his own version of the tracks.

Source: @Hisa0808

These photos were taken by @Hisa0808 at Osaka International Airport and the light trails, which look like the track, actually show the path of a plane's take off. Fans of the series flocked to the Twitter post and some commenters even said the fantastical scene gave them chills.

Source: @Hisa0808

The writer of the original manga was inspired by a novel called Night on the Galactic Railroad, so many commenters also pointed out that this scene could be taken straight out of a book.

If you want to see more of Hisa’s amazing work, check out his Twitter and Instagram pages!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.