Pokémon characters in clay

Japanese clay artist Kyogen (@SereN0w07) creates whimsical and adorable creations out of polymer clay, but also sometimes using shrink plastic. As you'll notice by looking through their Twitter account, the artist is fond of creating cute characters, and Pokémon characters in particular.

For example, here's Eevee...

...and here's Leafeon!

Pokémon fake sweets

However, if you thought that Kyogen's clay Pokémon character creations were already sweet, you'll get a sugar rush when you see them combined with desserts in their "Pokémon fake sweets" series.

Adorable Quagsire macarons

As a perfect example of this sweet combination, Kyogen created a series of macarons featuring the adorable pair of Quagsire with a Wooper on top.

The sight of these Quagsire macarons (Quagsarons?) was so irresistible that Kyogen's Twitter post garnered over 14,500 likes and nearly 2,300 retweets at the time of writing.

"Making sweets out of clay! I made Quagsire macarons."

Reproduced with permission from Kyogen (@SereN0w07)

Reproduced with permission from Kyogen (@SereN0w07)

What makes them so charming is that each Quagsire (and Wooper) has different expressions!

Reproduced with permission from Kyogen (@SereN0w07)

Quagsire macaron DIY

So, now that you've seen them, don't you want a "Quagsaron" (or more) to love and behold in your own home?

But before you yell "Shut up and take my money," we should tell you that they aren't for sale. However, you can make one yourself, since Kyogen shows you exactly how to do it on their YouTube channel!

If you scroll down Kyogen's Twitter account, there are many, many more equally mouth-watering and "aww"-inducing Pokémon fake sweets to feast your eyes on, like these Pikachu cream puffs...

To see more, follow Kyogen on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel, "Nendo Monozukuri Koubou."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.