Summers are meant to be spent surrounded by the sound of ocean waves and with your feet buried firmly in the sand. However, for those who are having a beachless summer this year, one Yokohama café has decided to bring the beach to you.

The Yokohama Lumine branch of café and roastery Roasted Coffee is giving their menu a summer update. They’re adding three new items -- the highlight of which is their Hawaii-inspired Butterfly Pea Banana Latte (610 yen). Flavored with banana puree and rich whipped cream, this dalgona coffee recreates the beautiful blue, white, and cream colors of Hawaii beaches.

Their Roasted Twisted Doughnut (230 yen) takes inspiration from the Portuguese fried doughnut, malasada, while their Banana-Apple Mango Soft Cream (350 yen) incorporates tropical favorites through the mango sauce and banana chips. All three of these items are currently available at the café for a limited time.

You can find Roasted Coffee on the B2 floor of Lumine Yokohama. You can also find more information about the department store’s hours and location through their English website.

By - Jen Laforteza.