Japanese Beginner Violinist Inspires Others

Japan is known for many traditional instruments such as the shamisen, a stringed instrument often seen in paintings of geisha who would entertain other with short songs.

Another is the taiko, a drum used centuries ago by military, but its use has expanded and can now be commonly seen in live performances, as well as in Buddhist and Shinto ceremonial events.

Of course Japanese play western instruments such as the piano or violin, often from a young age.

But How About Learning an Instrument as an Adult?

Wataru began playing the violin as an adult. He posted a video about his progress for the first year or so since he started on his YouTube channel WataruCH.

How much did he improve in one year?

The opening scene shows Wataru playing violin for the first time. He’s surprised by how long the bow is as he strikes his first note.

Four months in, he’s practicing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on his own violin.

And after six months, he showed remarkable improvement, playing much more smoothly.

Let’s see how things went after that…

He began playing alongside others and for live audiences…

He could play more difficult songs with a variety of textures.

Wataru says that he practices almost every day, ranging from 10 minutes to several hours. You can see that his efforts have certainly paid off!

Many people liked Wataru’s video and praised his quick progress.

  • Your sound has become much clearer since around 6 months. I couldn’t help reacting aloud!
  • It’s amazing how much you’ve grown in just one year!
  • I think you are quite talented to improve so quickly!

Some say "old dogs can’t learn new tricks," but maybe that’s just pessimism speaking.

There are tons of people, like Wataru here, who show us that age doesn’t matter when you start something new.

So if you want to learn a language, change your career, or enjoy a new hobby, why don’t you act on it right away?

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start improving!

Thanks for the inspiration Wataru!

By - Mujo.