While the experience of sitting down with a nice serving of sake in an izakaya pub is perhaps the ideal way to enjoy it, Niigata prefecture's Tsunan Sake Brewery wants to remind us that sometimes delicious sake goes just as well with the great outdoors. That's why they've released GO POCKET sake, 100ml pouches of that deliver great-tasting hot and cold sake on the go.

The pocket-sized pouches are perfect for packing when headed to the beach or mountains, or simply at a barbecue. While a cooler would do just fine in chilling the sake, which uses locally-cultivated and highly praised “Gohyakumanseki” sake rice for a variety of smooth flavors, Tsunan Sake Brewery suggests cooling it down in a stream while camping or heating it up with an accompanying mess tin.

Despite its outdoor theme, GO POCKET is also a great home sake party option as many are doing their best to stay home at the moment.

GO POCKET Sake is available in seven different flavors.

GO POCKET DINER: (Junmai Daiginjo) Clear and elegant umami flavor

GO POCKET DOLCE: (Junmai Ginjo) Sweet like sweets

GO POCKET VINO: (Junmai-shu) Fruity acidity like a white wine.

GO POCKET DAYS: (Ordinary sake) Everyday sake with a refreshing taste.

GO POCKET LIGHT: (Junmai Ginjo) An easy drinking sweet sake with 8% alcohol.

GO POCKET SPADE: (Junmai-shu) A dry sake with a clean and crisp taste.

GO POCKET VINTAGE: (Junmai Ginjo) A full-bodied dry sake that has been aged for 9 years.

GO POCKET sake can be ordered directly from Tsunan's online store, as well as internationally.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.