If you live in Japan and have a favourite idol group, sometimes you're lucky enough to have your faves collaborate with an every-day brand. It's a great way to get a hold of some exclusive and affordable merchandise at the local convenience store. In a win for BTS fans, bottled tea brand Kochakaden have just started a campaign alongside the super popular K-pop group.

Rather than use the group themselves as poster boys for the advertising campaign, their animated ‘Tiny Tan’ versions feature, resulting in adorable merchandise and a cute commercial.

Those who buy four bottles of the various tea flavours included in the campaign, can get their hands on a bottle holder neck strap. The colourful designs have one character on each strap and can be picked up at the counter of participating stores. This campaign started on 16th August and will only be running for two weeks.

There’s also the chance to pick up additional merchandise by scanning your receipt after purchasing a Kochakaden tea and checking to see if you’ve won online. Each character’s tumbler can only be won by up to 500 hundred people, but the campaign will be running until 16th October.

Even if you don’t manage to get your hands on any of these goods, you can make yourself feel better by watching the cute accompanying commercial on YouTube!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.