Despite the fact that Japan’s economic bubble burst way back in the 90’s, Tokyo is still seen by many as a city from the future. Whilst the idea may be based on pipedreams of the past, it is true that the Japanese capital still carries some kind of futuristic appeal. Even if physical production has slowed to a crawl, one thing that hasn’t stopped are the creative, innovative ideas and envisions of the future.

Visualising what Tokyo might look like in the next 30 years, Sony’s creative division The Creative Center has teamed up with four science fiction writers to create a Sci-Fi prototype that directs us towards an imagined future of ‘Tokyo in 2050’.

The project is based on four themes; Well-Being, Habitat, Sense and Life. From these themes the designers and the science fiction writers have created design prototypes and science fiction short stories that will be exhibited at the Sony Park Exhibition from the 31st of August 2021.

Sci-Fi prototyping is a technique that uses science fiction to propose a future, from there visualisers work backwards in order to study what has to be done currently in order to reach that future.

Due to the uncertainty that is accompanying the global pandemic, thinking of the future has become an interesting but difficult subject to navigate. Because of this, the strong imaginations of science fiction writers has attracted worldwide attention, as they connect our world full of current societal issues to a possible future.

Sony’s Tokyo in 2050 project uses the bold and detailed perspective of designers and writers to imagine a future despite the growing uncertainties and complications of society. Over the course of half a year, those involved in the project took part in workshops that would eventually give rise to four design prototypes and four science fiction short stories.

The project was realised under the guidance of WIRED Sci-Fi Prototyping Institute, an organisation that specialises in using Sci-Fi Prototyping to develop the future of industries and companies.
This time, the prototyping was developed with the collaboration of writers Taiyo Fujii, Miyuki Ono, Ryo Mugihara and Itsuki Tsukui.

The final prototypes and science fiction short stories explore the possibilities of a better future and help to identify Sony’s future role in society. These designs will be shown alongside the development of the project at the ‘ONE DAY, 2050/ Sci-Fi Prototyping’ Sony Park exhibition from August 31.

Sony Park Exhibition "ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping"

Dates: Tuesday 31 August – Monday 13 September 13, 2021
Time:11: 00 – 19: 00
Location: Ginza Sony Park PARK B3 / B3F
Price: Free admission (advance reservation not required, number of people limited)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.