The Japan Cultural Expo, led by the Japanese government's Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Arts Council, is a project aiming to introduce the various cultures that Japan is proud of through a number of programs throughout the year, from season to season, in collaboration with relevant government ministries and agencies, cultural facilities, local governments, and private organizations.

The Japan Cultural Expo virtual platform opened on Tuesday, August 17th, 2021. The project will combine “real” experiences at physical venues and “virtual” experiences through online digital content, promoting these within Japan and beyond. Using video, VR, images, and more, digital content will be used to showcase the beauty of Japan; from the prehistoric Jomon period to the present day.

From autumn onward, the platform will be expanded as a space where the natural and urban environments of Japan, portrayed in three-dimensional computer graphics, can coexist in harmony. Additionally, a feature for enabling interactive communication between organizers and viewers will be added, allowing viewers to participate in live streaming as avatars.

The Japan Cultural Expo virtual platform

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Exterior of the pavilion: Information and live video streaming at the entrance

Exhibition area: Videos, VR, and images such as art exhibitions and performing arts are displayed on the wall.


Japan Cultural Expo virtual platform will be held to allow people who are unable to visit physical venues of the Japan Cultural Expo, to experience its art exhibitions, performing arts, nature, and art festivals in the virtual world, utilizing video, VR, and images.

Connecting the physical projects of the Japan Cultural Expo online, content will be posted in English and Japanese, building an interactive virtual space that is accessible from Japan and overseas. The content will include exhibitions of cultural properties from the Jomon period (13,000 – 500 BC), Buddhist statues and other forms of sculpture, ukiyoe woodblock prints, kōgei (Japanese art crafts), kimono, contemporary art, fashion, manga, and anime. There will also be a showcase of the traditional performing arts of kabuki, noh, kyogen, and bunraku, as well as contemporary performing arts, art festivals, Ainu culture, and various hands-on projects for cultural properties.

Exhibition Area (Example): Special Exhibition "The Mount Fuji Challenges: Hokusai and Hiroshige" Edo-Tokyo Museum

The trial launch in August will include 45 projects from the past and present, and 240 digital contents. Online tours and streaming of upcoming projects and stage performances will also follow sequentially.

Technical requirements

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By visiting the virtual platform of the Japan Cutlural Expo, you'll be able to enjoy Japanese art and culture without visiting Japan from the comfort of your home.

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