It’s always fun to give your pets treats, but one Japanese cat owner has found an easy way to make it even more interesting.

Whenever the owner feeds this cat through three holes cut into a cardboard box, the feline looks instantly more comical.

Source: @potechi_nikki

She kind of reminds us of Batman! Other people commented that she looks like a masked wrestler.

But the owner saw a chance for something Studio Ghibli-inspired and drew a mask based on Spirited Away’s No-Face.

Source: @potechi_nikki

The cat is being fed ‘Ciao Churu’, a type of cat treat which has a reputation for being loved a bit too much by cats. It comes in a long stick and can be squeezed out little by little. Basically, it’s a way to make your cat interact with you for a long time instead of devouring the snack in an instant and running away.

Not only can you whip up an impromptu cosplay with this idea, but it can also protect you from any kind of attacks from a Ciao Churu-obsessed kitty. (The owner of this wild kitten probably wished they’d thought of it…)

Check out the owner’s Twitter for more adorable cat antics!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.