A serialized manga is now being distributed from the official Twitter feed of "Project Pochama" operated by The Pokémon Company. The series, which is currently up to its fifth episode, has received a cumulative total of over 47,100 likes at the time of writing.

About the "Project Pochama" manga series

Planned by wwwaap Co., Ltd., this is a 10-episode serialized manga series that tells the story of Ryūnosuke, a prideful and stubborn veteran novelist who is suffering from writer's block, and how the equally prideful Piplup comes to help him as an assistant.

Release schedule

August 25th, 2021 (Wed.) - October 27th, 2021 (Wed.), every Wednesday on Project Pochama's Twitter account at 18:00 JST

Episode Links

The Creative Team

This original series is made by the creative team of married couple Moriko Mori and Cota Tomimura of Gal & Dino fame. The Pokémon Company is embracing diversity in hiring them to pen this series. Tomimura, who has publicly stated they are bisexual, has created several manga series known for their honest and inclusive LGBT content, such as the four-panel essay manga Bokutachi LGBT (We are LGBT) and Jitsuroku! Tō-san Densetsu (Reality! Dad’s Legend). Moriko Mori, is also known for the manga Sayonara, High School serialized on Akita Publishing’s Manga Cross website.

The heartwarming series shows how Piplup and the stubborn novelist, who at first can't get along, gradually warm up to each other and realize they share many of the same character traits. The series constantly elicits numerous comments after each episode, many of praising the story and how adorable Piplup's antics are.

You can follow the series at the Project Pochama Twitter account here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.