Recently, the number of Pokemon themed manhole covers in Japan has been growing at an incredibly fast rate, and there’s now 206 of them to be found. What started as a campaign to encourage tourism to lesser known areas of the country is now becoming an attraction in all parts of Japan, including already famous and major cities. Even Tokyo and Kyoto have their own designs installed, following the popularity of those that appeared in places like Hokkaido and Tottori.

The manhole covers are called Pokefuta, which has been translated as 'Poke Lids' in English. Each design is one of a kind, so you’ll have to travel to that location if you want to peep your fave Pokemon.

Until now, Osaka was yet to get in on the Poke-action, but earlier this month they unveiled five awesome covers that were installed in Higashi-Osaka city. Not only do the designs feature some fan favourite Pokemon, but you can also see the various sights of the area in the background.

One features both Magnemite and Magneton, enjoying a flurry of blossom, and another stars Klink and Klang surrounded by gears and machinery.

Elekid and Mawile get close in front of a night scene at Higashi Ishikiri Park in their design. There's also one with Yamper and Togedemaru enjoying a bit of rugby, as their cover is placed nearby the Hanazono Rugby Stadium.

Lastly legendary Pokemon, Raikou is also positioned nearby the stadium.

Locations for all the Pokemon manhole covers can be found on the Poke Lids website, which includes every single manhole cover that can be found in Japan by intrepid Pokemon trainers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.