For a limited time, Japanese chemical and cosmetics giant Kao Corporation will install sell-by-weight stations at two Welcia Pharmacy stores to sell laundry detergents and softeners.

Keeping and reusing original containers

In Japan, the notion of refillable products has taken root. By refilling the contents, plastic containers can be used again and again, helping to save resources and reduce waste. Kao hopes that more people will experience this new option of selling by weight.

Also, out of respect for the traditional Japanese spirit of mottainai (avoiding waste and using things responsibly), Kao has given these sell-by-weight stations a familiar-sounding name: 量り売り堂 hakariuri-dō.
While 量り売り hakariuri means "sell-by-weight," 堂 is a suffix often used by traditional Japanese businesses and shops. Kao situates this new initiative as part of its ongoing efforts to listen to changing customer needs and lifestyles.

Hakariuri-dō at Welcia Shops: Details

Locations and estimated duration

  • Hac Drug Utsukushigaoka Shop ハックドラッグ美しが丘店 (link): Starting on September 30th and continuing for six months to one year
  • Welcia Aeon Town Makuhari Nishi ウエルシアイオンタウン幕張西店 (link): Starting on October 21st with the opening of the Aeon Town Makuhari Nishi shopping complex and continuing for six months to one year

Featured Products

  • Attack ZERO Regular concentrated laundry detergent (link)
  • EMAL Refresh Green Fragrance laundry detergent (link)
  • CuCute Clear Sanitizing dishwashing detergent (link)
  • Flair Fragrance IROKA Lucent Freesia fabric softener (link)

Original product containers that customers bring with them when they visit the store, or original Hakariuri-dō bottles (for customers to bring with them from the next time and thereafter) will be filled and products sold by weight. Products cannot be filled into juice bottles or any other containers other than the original container for the exact same product, including different fragrances of the same product. Please dry out containers beforehand as staff will not fill wet bottles. For more details, please check with the respective stores.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.