Japanese company TechMagic has been working to create sustainable food infrastructure through technology, with a goal concept of “redefining customer’s eat-out experience with technology”. In a big step towards achieving the goal, they recently announced the implementation of salad-making robots capable of making 28,700 different types of custom salads at restaurant CRISP SALAD WORKS. They are also designed to sync and receive orders from mobile and storefront kiosks. Currently, they are completing an initial technology verification process, and aiming for store implementation process by the end of July, 2022.

This is a strategic investment to save manpower in an effort to create an environment for the restaurant staff to focus on more creative tasks that are more directly customer service oriented.

The salad-making robot system, when finished, intends to offer:

-The ability to receive 28,700 different types of custom salad orders directly from mobile and storefront kiosks, and to prepare them accurately.

-An automatic measurement and calculation of all toppings (even unevenly shaped ones such as Romaine lettuce, chicken pieces, nuts, cheese, etc).

-Steady quality and speedy service.

By - Mugi.