Nippi Collagen Cosmetics, Ltd. has announced that they have released a beauty and skincare themed mobile game called ~タップでスキンケア~「ビューティフルライフストーリーズ」tappu de sukinkea byūtifuru raifu sutōrīzu, which means "beautiful life stories: skincare through tapping."

According to the press release, this is the first mobile game in the Japanese cosmetics industry. Nippi Collagen Cosmetics, Ltd. is a traditional cosmetics company with over 100 years of history. They offer a variety of products including skincare, supplements, hair care, and other cosmetics. A traditional company is taking a brave step into the digital domain! Let’s learn more about their first game app!

Game Story

This is the main character, you. She loves coffee and worked at a café. However, the café closed down and she had to change her career. Her new job is as an editing assistant, but she struggles with her new job every day.

One day, she comes across a beauty specialist on her way home after working overtime.

The person calls himself “Dr. Collagen,” and he gives her several special skincare items. From that night onwards, she finds herself feeling more relaxed, and she starts to enjoy her work and her life more. Even after that day, he often teaches her about skincare and gives her other beauty tips.

There are many other characters in the game! Two characters have been announced so far. The main character’s very strict supervisor is the character on the right. The main character’s senior at work is the second one on the left. I wonder how the other characters are related to the main character!

More about the game

This is the main game screen. If you keep tapping her face, she will smile and you'll earn star points. You can use the star points to acquire clothing and items. Tapping is the main task in this game. So, even if you usually don’t play games, you can enjoy this game! It’s not hard to play at all!

You can also look forward to communicating with the different characters. For example, this screenshot is from a chat with Shōichi Kusaka 日下将一, one of the main character’s seniors. He is a very kind person and often gives the player some advice. In the conversation, he is encouraging the main character because she is feeling down from her new job. This looks like a real messenger app! Knowing some Japanese lets you appreciate this part but you can still enjoy the game without it.

This is the main character’s room. Players can change her hairstyle and outfit. The items that the player has earned through the course of the game will appear on the dresser. The more you play this game, the more items will be available to her! So exciting!

Hashtag event!

If you get a product in the game like this, take a screenshot.

Then, post the screenshot on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #タプスキtapuski, an abbreviation for the game title, by October 31st (JST).

You might win a jar of “Skincare gel NM balance” スキンケアジェルNMバランス, which is a Nippi Collagen Cosmetics, Ltd. product. There will be up to 100 winners!

Have fun while learning about skincare!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).