Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, and most probably, many of you have tried it at least once.

To be honest, before coming to Japan, I wasn’t a big fan of anything with noodles, but since trying out my first miso ramen bowl in Japan, I became addicted!

Ever since, I’ve been looking for new and authentic flavors, went to several ramen events, and tried out different types of ramen from various regions of Japan.

Recently, I have promised myself to take it slower with foods high in calories, but it seems that the Japanese Kami (God) of Food had other plans for me.

On my way back from the cinema, I stumbled upon one of the many stores of the Japanese ramen chain, Tadokoro Shōten (麺場 田所商店 Menba Tadokoro Shōten).

Tadokoro Shōten specializes in miso ramen, which happens to be one of my favorite flavors when it comes to ramen. I like their flavorful broth, authentic taste, the atmosphere of the place, and the many options to choose from when it comes to the dishes (and, of course, ramen!).

While passing by the restaurant, I noticed a banner with a new limited- bowl of ramen.

Despite my resolve to go with salads for a while, I found myself taking a seat at a table inside the restaurant and unconsciously ordering their new (probably super high in calories, but so appetizing-looking) ramen bowl.


In my defense, I happen to be pretty weak at anything that says seasonal or limited-edition, and I couldn’t just ignore such a winter treat after seeing it.

The new ramen bowl, Konayuki Ramen (粉雪ラーメン Konayuki Rāmen), definitely lives up to its name. 粉雪 konayuki means powdered snow in Japanese, and same as snow, the grated cheese on the top of the ramen, instantly melts inside your mouth.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

The cheese, potatoes, noodles, and delicious broth, have a rich taste, and the combination of miso and cheese create the perfect balance. After one sip, the creamy powdered cheese spreads into your mouth, leaving a divine aroma behind.

When I ordered, I also had the option to get a ball of lactic acid bacteria, known for its many benefits such as lowering cholesterol or intestinal infections, improving digestion, etc.

For those who want to try out the new Konayuki Ramen, I recommend checking with the restaurant to see if they have it on sale.


※Since the dates vary from store to store, it is better to contact the restaurants directly.


Here you can find the list of the stores that sell the Konayuki Ramen and more information about it.

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By - cinnamonellie.