YOASOBI is a popular Japanese music duo known for “turning stories into music”. Their first debut song “Yoruni Kakeru” (Racing into the night) became a viral hit just moments after its release, placing and comfortably holding first on many Japanese hit charts. It was also ranked in the viral charts in several different countries, too. Their popularity appears to only be growing.

The duo recently announced a collaboration project for February 2022 with 4 Naoki Prize-winning novelists--Rio Shimamoto, Mizuki Tsujimura, Miyuki Miyabe, and Eto Mori. Each novelist will be writing a theme-based story; “A story to read when you first did ____”, which then will be written into a song by YOASOBI.

This project is not only for novel enthusiasts, but also for those who never had much of a chance to read novels in the past. They collaboration hopes for everyone to experience many kinds of “first times” through these stories and the work of YOASOBI’s music project.

The collaboration will be released on February 26th, 2022 for 1,650 yen, with more information available at the project's website.

By - Mugi.