Cat lovers are used to seeing their feline companions spoiled, but the owner of Totomaru-kun and Hanmi-chan (@totomaru_hanmi)z, two kitties in Japan, definitely went the extra mile in that regard to kick off the New Year.

One of the ways to celebrate the New Year in Japan is to eat Osechi ryori (Osechi cuisine), traditional but often luxury dishes that are believed to offer good luck in the coming year. They're also usually served in lacquered boxes called jubako.

While all of that may sound a bit too rich for cats, the owner of the two cats made sure that they were able to ring in the New Year with a gourmet osechi ryori meal custom made just for them!

In the full video, you can see that Totomaru-kun and Hanmi-chan are treated to a cat-friendly serving of traditional osechi items, including grilled yellowtail and datemaki, a sweet rolled-omelet made with fish paste.

The cats even get to eat it out of some fancy miniature jubako!

This isn't the first time for Totomaru-kun and Hanmi-chan to indulge in some fishy gourmet. Take a look at when their owner previously served them some generously prepared yellowtail.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.