Try as we may, it can be a very tall order to keep our pets from sniffing out that we're taking them on a dreaded visit to the vet. Even when they seem fairly content on the car ride over, things can take a very dramatic turn once they are taken into the office itself.

Japanese cat owner Statue Pocho (@_zrsn) was treated to one of those drastic reactions when she recently took her cat to the vet for a routine checkup. Although the cat had apparently been quite well behaved on the way there, but upon realizing where they had arrived, hit Statue Pocho with a stunned look that perfectly captures the pain of betrayal.

Source: @_zrsn

"This was her face when we arrived at the vet."

As bad as you feel for the cat under duress, there's something comical about how animated and expressive it becomes with a look that says "you traitor, I can't believe you did this to me!"

Of course, Statue Pocho is only looking out for the wellbeing of the cat, but it looks like she may have to deal with some dramatic before and after faces going forward.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.