Following a postponement in 2021, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is bringing back one of their most anticipated special events with Universal Cool Japan 2022. This year’s edition is based on five popular franchises: Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Detective Conan, and Sailor Moon, with each one featuring a thrilling selection of 4D rides, XR rides, and more.

USJ previously announced three themed attractions included in Universal Cool Japan, the first of which is the Monster Hunter: Iceborne XR Walk. Fans of Capcom’s hit role-playing video game will experience what it’s like hunting monsters in a 360-degree VR realm. This opening of this brand new attraction saw several postponements but is finally set to happen with a preliminary opening on January 21 and a full launch on March 4, at the start of the Universal Cool Japan event.

Gon and Hisoka’s rivalry takes center stage at the Hunter x Hunter: The Real 4D theater show. The Hunter x Hunter show will be one of the upcoming events that mark a reopening of USJ’s 4D theaters after two years. Aside from 3D visuals, fans can expect a sense of realism through seat vibrations and water splashes perfectly in sync with the high-spirited scenes of battle.

Fans of Detective Conan have much to be excited about this time around because they’re getting not just one, but four attractions! Aspiring sleuths can test their skills at the escape room, Detective Conan: The Escape, or by solving cases found throughout the park with Detective Conan’s Mystery Challenge. For less puzzle-heavy options, visitors can also get on Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream the Ride, or enjoy a themed meal from Detective Conan’s Mystery Restaurant.

Recently, USJ announced two additions that complete their Universal Cool Japan 2022 lineup: the return of the Attack on Titan XR Ride and the upgraded Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D Moon Palace Deluxe show.

The Attack on Titan XR Ride debuted in 2020, and this VR roller coaster takes its visitors on an immersive, high-speed journey alongside Eren Yeager and other members of the Survey Corps. Highlights of the ride include the realistic, gigantic scale of the titans in VR and the synchronized movements that match the VR display.

Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D Moon Palace Deluxe is an upgrade to a previous version of USJ’s 4D Sailor Moon film. Visitors can watch 3D scenes of the beloved magical girl series while experiencing environmental effects inside the park’s 4D theater. The 2022 deluxe version adds scenes of a luxurious ball with all 10 of the Sailor Guardians.

Universal Cool Japan 2022 runs from March 4 to August 28, 2022. You can find more details on Universal Studios Japan’s official website.

By - Jen Laforteza.