It seems like only yesterday when the release of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s debut single PONPONPON made waves across the Japanese and international music industry. The single’s highly infectious sound and unforgettable music video proved early on how she’s an undeniable trailblazer – something she continues to show her fans more than 10 years on.

This year, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is celebrating 10 years since the start of her music career with a nationwide tour that kicked off in Kanagawa this month. Proving that she is and always will be an icon, Japan’s queen of kawaii is collaborating with hard hit local businesses to create merchandise for her tour, in an effort called “Local Power Japan Project.”

Kyary’s Local Power Japan Project is an unprecedented effort that hopes to revitalize Japanese industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic. For all 29 prefectures included in the tour, t-shirts featuring a “Kyary-fied” version of local businesses’ logos will be sold for a limited time, with part of the proceeds going towards local development and social contributions.

In addition, specially made collaboration items will be sold in certain venues. For instance, Kyary worked with Gunma-based Oginoya, Japan’s oldest ekiben boxed meal shop, to create a kettle rice dish served in a cute Mashiko pottery ware. The meal itself is filled with food items that Kyary has specifically requested for or professed love for in the past, such as umeboshi and mushroom rice. This collaboration meal will be sold in limited quantities at the Gunma concert.

More information on upcoming tour dates and collaborations can be found on Kyary’s website & social media, and on the Local Power Japan Project website.

By - Jen Laforteza.